We offer our commercial cleaning services throughout much of Queensland and Northern New South Wales, anywhere from Maryborough to Brisbane and even out west towards Toowoomba and all areas in between. At Energetic Cleaning Services our services and prices are tailored directly to suit our client’s needs – with our client’s best interests at heart.

ECS cleaning staff are always well presented in company branded polo shirts for easy identification. They are reliable, well vetted, police checked as required, undergo training and an induction process, and are provided with ongoing support. Working alongside the company director and all having a common goal, our administration, management and warehouse/maintenance staff are approachable, professional and go above and beyond for our clients. We strive to have great working relationships and owe a lot of our success to client referrals.

Regular on-site inspections enable us to ensure a high standard of cleaning is being met. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and are always willing to provide our updated recommendations. This, just like our pricing, is always tailored to our customer’s needs. We are on call 24/7 because we know emergencies happen.

To continue with our growth and what we can offer, we have been diligently working towards our ISO9001 accreditation to really give the business the ‘five star’ feel and are almost fully accredited.

Some main key points that our current customer’s love about our service, that is different to other cleaning companies is:

  • Tracking: To ensure accurate onsite/location details from our cleaners, we have an internal sign in/sign out service which enables us to know when our cleaners start and finish cleaning.
  • Cleaner Reporting: Fantastic communication with our cleaners daily via the app “WhatsApp”. We request an average of 20 photos per clean from our cleaners. Have a high expectation for broken items, graffiti, diminished consumable supplies and anything unusual to be reported immediately. This is all part of our service no matter how big or small the job. We like to stay up to date and provide accountability.
  • Customer Reporting: If you want to formally hear from us daily, monthly or very rarely – we offer detailed (or basic) written (or verbal) reporting. We can tailor our customer reporting for you too.



Our Green Cleaning Plan’s Standard Operating Procedures combine tools with proven cleaning methods that minimize resource use, promote building occupant health and well-being, aid in waste reduction and diversion, and limit the introduction of harmful contaminants into the air and water streams.