Customised Solutions for Retail Environments

For retail environments, impressions matter. Customers choose to spend their time and money in places that are appealing and welcoming. What if you had a service partner whose goal was to make that first impression a good one? And a lasting one?

That’s Energetic Cleaning Services excel. We develop and manage cleaning solutions for retail clients that enhance customer experience.



Retail Banking





When servicing retail spaces, we know that creating a positive customer experience is a key measurement of success. Our work plans, standard operating procedures, and service audits take into account the places that customers notice, and matter to them, most.

Store personnel will also experience an improved customer experience. Our low Manager-to-account ratio enables our Managers to respond quickly and thoroughly to all service requirements. With the time to focus on training, supervision, and job/task performance, our Managers can assure site-level customer satisfaction.


Our routine cleaning services will keep retail spaces looking good on a daily basis. Our preventive and restorative maintenance programs will maintain them in optimal condition over the long-term.

You can count on Commercial Cleaning Services for the full breadth of cleaning services required for your store. From floor refinishing to post-construction cleans, we have the plan, people, and processes in place to make the most of your facility assets.